A Look At The Advantages Of Quitting Smoking

A Look At The Advantages Of Quitting Smoking

The truth is that the benefits of quitting smoking are not counted by the tens, but rather by the hundreds. Obviously, here we don’t have the space and time to list them all, but we do have a good number of them.

We are not going to find out now that smoking is bad. You know it well, just as we do. Now, the advantages once you quit smoking are very, very numerous, and not only for you, but also for all those around you.

The advantages of quitting smoking

Let’s start by listing the advantages of quitting smoking with the most obvious, it benefits your health, it’s that simple. And this happens from the second 1 of quitting.

The second advantage is that those around you who matter to you also benefit from your action.

A third advantage is your physical appearance. The smoker looks worse because his body deteriorates much more. And this is related to the fourth and fifth advantages. The fourth, the skin, if you are not a smoker, will wrinkle less. And the fifth, if you quit smoking, you will save money that you could spend on your physique or on having fun without negative substances for your body, which improves your appearance and well-being.

Let’s see a sixth advantage, and this relates to the senses, mainly smell, because not everything will smell like tobacco. And a seventh reminds us that it will also improve your taste, you will notice better the flavors. And in this sense, an eighth benefit, along with a ninth, reminds us that the smoker smells worse physically, and also his breath is much more pestilent.

We go now with the tenth and eleventh advantage. In this case, on the one hand, it shortens your life, on the other, it can shorten it so much that it could kill you because of the many diseases it can cause. And this leads us to a twelfth and thirteenth, because it makes it easier for you to suffer both cancerous and coronary diseases.

Do all these advantages seem too few to you? Don’t worry, there are still many more. For example, those that are noticeable in the short term. Let’s go to the fourteenth, because your blood pressure is reduced to 20 minutes of quitting smoking. And this brings us to a fifteenth and sixteenth. For example, the heart rate is reduced and the temperature of feet and hands is lowered.

And, to finish with a round number, let’s go with the advantages of seventeen to twenty. After eight hours, your body recovers its oxygen level, and after eight hours you normalize the amount of carbon monoxide, so you breathe better. Then, sixteen hours later, you have already reduced the risk of sudden death. And then, at 64 hours, your breathing will have completely normalized.